A tiny village built in stone, small buildings in different colors, wooden roofs covered with ancient tiles, a large park with old trees, flowering plants, one large pool, views of the mountains Sabatini, a spectacular view of the peak of Rocca Romana: in short, a corner of paradise, all very close to Rome.

This is the ideal setting for your wedding party, where your guests can also stay comfortably, and continue the party with a relaxing day at the pool the day after the event.

If you like the idea, a small amphitheater will be used for the ceremonies on site: from here you will leave, after the ceremony, with our classic car, and then meet again your friends and relatives at the aperitif, served meanwhile pool edge.

A rustic yet elegant setting, thanks to the Deruta ceramics that embellish tables and walls, the Impruneta vases, the antique terracotta floors, the Herreke carpets and all other details.


Tavoli all’interno

Tavoli all’esterno